Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You by Stephen Cameron

somedayIf you love suspense, mystery, and action, this is NOT a book for you. 18-year old James doesn’t have any intriguing problems — no lost diamonds to find, no bad guys to catch. Basically, he’s a rich kid living in Manhattan with an acceptance letter from Brown University. What could be wrong? Well, according to James, everything. He doesn’t like his job at the art gallery, he doesn’t like school, he doesn’t even like other people all that much, especially not people his own age. The only things that bring him hapiness are reading and hanging around with his grandmother. But no matter how boring James claims to be, I couldn’t help but him one of the funniest, smartest characters I’ve ever met in literature. A great, realistic novel for thoughtful readers, 8th grade and up.

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