The Declaration by Gemma Malley

DeclarationIt’s the year 2140. Scientists have developed a “miracle-drug” called Longevity that allows people to live forever — with a catch. To receive Longevity, you must sign the “Declaration” and agree never to have any children; otherwise, the world will become overpopulated and its food sources will disappear.

14-year old Anna should never have been born. Her parents broke the law when they had her. Now, they are in prison, and Anna is a resident of Grange Hall, a home for illegal “surplus” children who are training to be servents and to spend their short lives making up for the sin of their very existence. “Surplus” children never receive medical care because they are not meant to be alive in the first place. If they get sick, the adults will let them die.

When a new boy named Peter, another teenage Surplus, arrives at Grange Hall, Anna is forced to question everything she has ever been taught. Peter has spent his life in the outside world, hiding from the police and meeting with other outlaws who believe that Longevity is bad and that being young is not a crime. He encourages Anna to run away from Grange Hall with him, but the life he describes sounds dangerous and unreal. Can she trust him? And if not, how can she ever forget about him?

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