The Postcard by Tony Abbott

postcard1.JPGJason Huff didn’t plan to spend the summer in Florida with a bunch of old people. But what can he do? His grandmother died, and somebody has to help Jason’s father sort through her things and sell the house.

The whole situation is weird from the start: the heat is punishing, there’s not a single normal person in St. Petersburg, and Mr. Huff is – well – in a huff ever since his mom died. As for Jason, he isn’t exactly racked with despair. He’s never even met his grandmother, so how can he miss her? No, he’s not sad. He’s just bored, miserable, and hot.

And then…

And then things become NOT boring at all. Jason begins finding evidence all over the place of his grandmother’s mysterious and checkered existence. A shady crew of people show up at her funeral, a crime story in a magazine seems to be based on her life, a yellowing decades-old postcard turns up with a baffling message, and an anonymous caller challenges Jason to put all the pieces together.

Soon, Jason and Dia, the girl who mows his grandmother’s lawn (and the only other teenager in Florida, so it seems) begin a dangerous investigation into the truly bizarre secrets of the Huff family’s past.