Dramarama by E. Lockhart

dramarama.jpgSarah and Douglas live very humdrum lives in Brenton, Ohio, “a nothing town, as lacking in character as Cream of Wheat.” There’s no opportunity in the suburbs to shine —  at least not in the razzle-dazzle way these kids have in mind. They don’t want to be typical preppy teenagers — they want to be fabulous.

So when they head off for Wildewood, a performing arts camp in New York state, both characters feel as if they’ve finally found their place in the world. Goodbye shopping malls and cheerleaders — hello jazz hands and sequins! Goodbye algebra and chemistry — hello stage combat and pantomime! Goodbye Brenton — hello Heaven!

What Sarah and Douglas don’t know is that this summer will test their friendship in a big way. There are so many other theatre-crazed kids here, so many friends to make, so many romances to pursue. In Brenton, Sarah and Douglas clung to each other for dear life. But at Wildewood, it suddenly feels safe to let go…or at least it does to Douglas, who becomes an instant star the minute he steps foot on campus.

As for Sarah, well, things for her aren’t going quite as planned. The boy she likes is suddenly weird and silent, her roommates are annoyingly talented, and she gets cast a tree in the sessions’s biggest show! How will she survive the best summer of her life?

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