A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett

hatfull1.jpgTiffany Aching, the plucky heroine from The Wee Free Men, leaves the chalk to begin her apprenticeship with Miss Level, a witch with two bodies, one mind, and an invisible housekeeper named Oswald. At first, witchcraft seems a bit dull to Tiffany; Miss Level spends more time visiting elderly neighbors and delivering babies than casting spells or gazing into crystal balls. Perhaps Tiffany should have just stayed at home making cheese! But there’s something she doesn’t know: she’s being stalked by a “hiver,” an ancient body-snatching creature that enters the mind of its victims and slowly drives them mad before killing them. This is one battle Tiffany definitely doesn’t want to fight alone, especially not so far from home. But will the Nac Mac Feegle, her tiny blue friends, make it in time to help out? And will Tiffany ever get a proper pointed hat? Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Here’s another young witch who will truly enchant you.

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