The Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

wintersmith.jpgWell, I’ve finally finished the Tiffany Aching trilogy. How sad. I wish there were ten or fifteen more to go. In Wintersmith, Tiffany is thirteen and still the favorite young witch of Granny Weatherwax. But other people are starting to notice Tiffany now, too, like Roland, the Baron’s son, who pens letters and sends watercolor paints in the mail. Love is in the air, although Tiffany refuses to admit it to Granny Weatherwax, Mrs. Treason, Miss Tick, or any other overly curious old witch. Complicating these innocent flirtations is the Wintersmith, the spirit of winter, powerful enough to freeze the world over with a few frosty breaths. Because of an innocent mistake, Tiffany catches the Wintersmith’s attention, and he’s suddenly acting very…well, strange — fashioning snowflakes in the shape of little witches and sculpting ice roses in Tiffany’s garden. Who knew the god of winter was such a romantic? Tiffany is flattered (after all, this is no small conquest), but she’s also afraid, and with good reason. The Wintersmith isn’t supposed to be in love with a human girl, and his feelings are throwing the seasons out of balance. Summer might never come again. The lambs on the chalk might starve. Everybody might die. How can Tiffany get the Wintersmith off her back without breaking his ice-cold heart? Can her little blue warrior friends, the Nac Mac Feegle save the day? And what about Roland? Has he actually grown up enough to help her out of this mess, or is he still the pudgy, spoiled little boy from The Wee Free Men? If you haven’t given this series a try yet, please do. Thanks to Mrs. Pruchnik for recommending it to me!

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