Cherry Heaven by L.J. Adlington

cherry-heaven.JPGKat and Tanka J are starting over. With their adopted parents, the sisters move from the war-torn Five Cities to the New Frontier, where the people live in peace and harmony. In the new frontier, it doesn’t matter whether your family is Atsumisi, Mazzini, or Galresi because everyone is equal. Everyone has a chance at happiness. Everyone gets along. It’s the perfect society.

But Kat and Tanka aren’t the only people making big life changes. In a nearby factory, another girl is planning her escape. For five years, she’s been held in secret captivity as a slave for the Blue Mountain Water corporation. The directors of the New Frontier would rather kill this girl than allow her to escape and reveal what she knows. But she’s going to try. She has no choice.

Three very different girls, each growing more desperate by the minute; a secret too horrific to carry alone; and a man on a mission to bury the truth.

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