My Most Excellent Year: a Novel of Love, Mary Poppins, and Fenway Park

my-most-excellent-year.JPGA must-read for all Red Sox fans, My Most Excellent Year is the story of three kids in Boston navigatating the perils of high school. TC’s father is thinking of dating the school guidance counselor, Augie falls for Andy Wexler, and Alejandra realizes that she’d rather be in theatre than in politics — a decision that won’t go over well with her father the diplomat. Each character has a turn narrating the story, which is told through diary entries, instant messages, and letters. Steve Kluger, the author, is getting all kinds of kudos for this novel. On his website (, he identifies himself as “Author, Red Sox Fan, Uncle.” The background is a shot of the Green Monster at Fenway Park. This is a fun and hefty book for readers who like a little more meat to their novels. At 400 pages, it’s wicked deep!

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