The Possibilities of Sainthood by Donna Freitas

possibilitiesofsainthood.JPGAntonia is a good Catholic girl. She helps her grandmother make pasta and works behind the counter at her family market, Labella’s. She wears a uniform to school and stays at home most nights with her very strict, very traditional Italian mother. In her spare time, Antonia writes letters to the Pope, petitioning to become the world’s first living saint. This girl doesn’t want to spend her life simply praying to the saints; she wants to become a full-fledged miracle-working object of holy adoration herself. Also, she also wants to kiss somebody, preferably Andy Rotellini, the gorgeous boy she’s been admiring for two years. But how can she be a saint and a romantic at the same time? Aren’t saints supposed to stay away from members of the opposite sex? Antonia decides no. In fact, she sets her sights on becoming the official patron saint of the first kiss. Now if only Andy Rotellini – and the Vatican – will cooperate…

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