Man in the Moon by Dotti Enderle


Is there really a man in the moon? Is it just an illusion of a face on the moon’s surface, looking down at us, or could there really be a mysterious life force up there with which we humans have a special, mystical connection?

This question sounds a bit wacky, but you might start asking yourself the same thing if you read this novel. In the summer of 1961, a strange man appears at Justine’s house just as her family seems to be at its absolute worst. Her father has no job, her brother, Ricky, suffers from an exhausting illness, and her mother is running herself ragged trying to keep everyone alive. Justine spends the hot summer days stuck inside with Ricky,  dreaming of freedom and joy and adventure.

Then, Mr. Lunas shows up, straight from the cornfields. Justine’s father recognizes him as the man who saved his life during the war; still, the man’s true identity is a puzzle. He talks about Earth as if it’s a foreign country, he enchants the family dog, and he tells Justine that anything is possible. Of course, she doesn’t think Mr. Lunas really means anything is possible. That’s just something nice people say, right? But when Ricky’s illness takes a terrifying turn, Justine prays that Mr. Lunas might be right.

Man in the Moon is an inspiring story that will remind readers that each new day is an opportunity for greatness, friendship, and magic.

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