Drums Girls & Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonneblick

drums.jpgIf you’re one of those readers who likes “sad” books, then this novel is for you! For years, 14-year old Steven has been irritated with his handsome, angelic, perfect little brother. Where Steven is awkward and ordinary, Jeffrey is sweet and adorable. Just ask any random stranger on the street. Just ask Steven’s own parents!

But there’s no such thing as a charmed life, not even for a beautiful 5-year old boy, and one day, Jeffrey gets sick, really sick. Now, Steven has to deal with his brother’s physical breakdown, his parents emotional breakdowns, and his own dark fears about the future. It’s a good thing he has drum lessons to distract him from all the heaviness at home, right? There’s nothing like music, Steven notices, to comfort a suffering soul. Well, that, and girls. Speaking of which, Renee Albert, whom Steven has liked since Kindergarten, is suddenly acting, all interested in him. Why? Could Steven’s exhausted brain just be imagining something too good to be true? Or does he really have a shot? Grade eight may have started out like any other year, but Steven is in for a series of life-changing experiences that will require all his new-found strength and grace to handle.

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