The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

jenna-fox.jpgJenna Fox just woke up from a long sleep — from an eighteen-month coma. The house in which she finds herself is unfamiliar. The adults who say they’re her parents are strangers. So is the girl in the mirror. Jenna Fox. A girl with amnesia. A girl who can remember all the details of the French Revolution, but not whether or not she has a best friend. As time passes, details begin to return to Jenna’s bewildered mind. But they don’t make any sense. Where, for example, is the scar on her chin that used to be there? And why is she two inches shorter than she was before the accident? Who — or what — is she? Jenna Fox. A girl struggling to uncover the truth in a world where some people adore her — but many despise her.