Art and the Library!

inoneear.JPGThe library hosts many exhibits of student art work, from collage and pottery to mobiles and and Zen gardens! We’re also lucky enough to sometimes collaborate with the Art teachers on special student projects.

Most recently, the Art Department, the Library, and the Technology Integration Specialist planned an exhibit of sculptures representing cliches and idioms, such as “In One Ear and Out the Other” (above, by Aastha N.) and “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk.”

After completing their sculptures, students wrote and recorded statements about their artistic visions, processes, rewards, and challenges. The final exhibit in the Library included both the sculptures and the Artist Statements, in audio format. Visitors acquired headphones to “tour” the exhibit, just as they do at many museums and galleries around the world. This allowed visitors more partipation in the exhibit, as well as a greater understanding of the concepts and techniques behind the pieces, which really were labors of love, creativity, and intellect.

Click here for an online sample of this exhibit on the Art Department’s website.

Click here to read the 42 Questions students used to write their Artist Statements.

Click here for a presentation on answering the 42 questions and preparing an Artist Statement.


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    […] here to access “Art and the Library” to read more about the special exhibition of these […]

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