MMS Reading Listmania is now accepting general submissions via email.

We are only accepting BOOK HOOKS that strictly adhere to the following requirements. Hooks must:

  • Be 150-300 words;
  • Be Original to this blog (the book must not already be featured here);
  • Have an interesting style and tone (more than just plot summary);
  • Be well-written with no spelling or grammatical errors; and
  • Mention if the book is a sequel, has a sequel, or is part of a series.

For example hooks, please browse the fifty or so already posted on this blog. There are many approaches to writing a book hook.

REMEMBER: A book hook is like a short, written commercial for a book. Its main purpose is to “hook” the readers, i.e. to entice them to read the book. It is NOT a review; therefore, it contains no negative opinions or critiques. MMS Reading Listmania is a place for people to learn about highly recommended books so that they can choose what to read next!

The hook should be attached to an email as a Word document. The body of the email should contain the formal material of a cover letter:

  • Salutation (e.g. “Dear Ms. Ryan”);
  • Name and team of hook author;
  • Title and author of the book; and a
  • One-sentence description of the book, including genre.

For example:

Dear Ms. Ryan,

My name is Stephen Trent, and I’m on the Gold Team. I have attached a book hook for Sacred Scars by Kathleen Duey, which is not yet listed on the MMS Reading blog. It is a fantasy novel about a wizard academy, and is the sequel to Skin Hunger.

Thanks very much,

Stephen Trent

Please send submissions to Ms. Ryan,

All submissions will be answered promptly.

Thank you for sharing your reading ideas!


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